Keeping It Green trailer

Keeping It Green Now

As unique as a new day, Keeping It Green Now TV show and internet magazine utilizes the sights, sounds and surprises found in our world to take you to the forefront of today’s thoughts and experiences within the eco-consciousness movement.

“Today, on Keeping It Green Now…”

The world will look forward to hearing these words as its daily lifeline to discovering what is on the cutting edge of the environmental movement, followed by an introduction to the main story of the day – for instance, the history and making of community gardens in New York City.

Betta Broad, our hostess, keeps the interest by introducing the story and outlining other stories to come.   Through professional editing, we see an exciting short picture montage of a concert in support of a new ecological park for kids, new developments in water energy and wind farming, and new foods and drinks produced with less harm to the environment.

Keeping It Green Now delivers the goods with sound bytes of new music and nature, original art and photographs from the world over expressing positive Green attitudes and drawing us into the beauty of our world and the importance of its sustenance.

In between the stories are advertisements by companies who provide green goods and services. Companies with eco-based ethics will reach their target audience to a steadily growing viewership of over 21 million people throughout the NY/NJ area.

Keeping it Green Toyota Road Show

Keeping It Green Now includes segments such as “Fields of Green,” which profiles experts in varying environmental fields who will share a daily idea for people everywhere to use in order to conserve their resources --- the world’s resources.

Keeping It Green Now will become the source for the development of environmentally conscious ideals and lifestyles, sharing in the global movement for advancement of a healthy, living planet.

(Subtitles and links will be available for the hearing impaired.)



Vincent R. Taylor